Outkast to Headline Tampa’s Big Guava Music Festival

Outkast to Headline Tampa's Big Guava Music Festival

Attending Tampa music festivals is an experience you will never forget. Not only does our city attract some of the biggest names on the stage, but the scenic backdrops and historic venues also provide an ideal location for you to enjoy your favorite music. The next big festival to come to town will be the Big Guava Music Festival taking place from … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Being a Courteous Pet Owner to Roommates

Courteous Pet Owner

As pet-friendly apartments near USF, we know living with pets can make communal living tough. Do these three things to ensure you, your pet and your roommates can live as a big happy family. Alleviate territorial marking - Some things to try include spaying/neutering and cleaning previously marked spots thoroughly. Establish yourself as the pack … [Read more...]

Serious About Volleyball? Protect Your Fingers With This Tip

Volleyball at Reflections

Everybody loves a good game of volleyball. It's a great game, but how do you keep your hands from getting all banged up? Taping your fingers properly is a big part of it. Players commonly tape two fingers together for added strength and support when setting the ball. In volleyball circles this is known as 'buddy taping'. Taping your fingers is not … [Read more...]

Retail Therapy: 3 Tampa Boutiques for Spring Shopping

Retail Therapy 3 Tampa Boutiques for Spring Shopping

Fashionistas looking to find outfits for the season can do all their shopping near North Tampa. Take a trip to these three stylish boutiques to stock up on cool clothing, accessories, and jewelry from the latest designers. Fresh Threads - Recognized by Tampa Bay Business as one of the Top 10 Best Women's Clothier, this designer consignment shop … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Get Slim for Pool Season

Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Get Slim for Pool Season

Summer is around the corner, and that means it's almost swimsuit season. Ready to get in shape but lacking motivation? Here are a few suggestions for motivating yourself to get fit at our pet-friendly apartments in Tampa near USF with pool. Think about your plan of action, and reassess it. Maybe it's not working, so you might need to make some … [Read more...]